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Fencing can be divided into several categories based on material (wood, chain link, ornamental, iron, aluminium and Vinyl) or application (residential, commercial or industrial).

Wood fencing is the traditional fence used around the backyards of most homes. It is designed for privacy as well as security, usually 6' high, and made of a treated pine framework with cedar, fir or treated pine pickets.

Chain Link fencing is used in some unrestricted residential areas (usually 4', 5' or 6' high) as well as many commercial applications (6' high, and up, usually with barb wire). Also, vinyl coated chainlink is very popular and comes in several colors.

Ornamental fencing is decorative as well as functional, and can be designed to fit any application. There are two basic variations common to all these fences...picket size (1/2" or 3/4" square) and picket spacing (4' or 6" on center). Decorative options such as extra rails, arches, spear points, rings, caps, etc., are readily available.

New Products such as Vinyl and Electronic Hidden Fence Systems are relatively new materials used in place of wood and iron. These products offer less maintenance and longer life than traditional fencing.



Fencing Terms Styles Other Services Pricing Contact Us

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